Used Pet Doors

Tucson Dog Doors recycles used pet doors. Pet doors are cleaned, repaired and new flaps are installed.
The used doors that I get are mostly panels that fit into sliding glass doors. I will have an occasional pet door that will fit in a door, and rarely will I have a wall pet door that can be reinstalled.

I do not sell the panels by themselves, they are sold as installed units. My professional installation included new weatherstripping, draft seal and hardware. (cost of install is $149)

You may ask why I just do not sell panels without installation, I make little or nothing on the panels. I make labor charges on installation. That allows me to cover my business expenses and you get a professional installation.

There are 3 common heights of panel doors; 73-75 inches, 78-81 inches, 93-96 inches. With a tape measure, open your door, put the tape on the track and measure it to the top.

Panels can be made of aluminum or vinyl. Sliding doors can also be aluminum or vinyl. The aluminum panels fit in the track of the aluminum doors. Vinyl doors have a wider track and need a thicker vinyl panel to fit properly.

Call 520-419-6405 to see what sizes are available.