Pet Doors Installed Through Glass

Did you know that you can have a pet door mounted “in the glass” of most sliding glass doors, French doors or windows? An exact measurement needs to be taken, glass ordered (usually takes 10-14 business days to get glass) and then at a second appointment, we install your door. Hale Pet Doors are designed for single or dual-pane glass. An in-glass pet door is a great choice when you do not have wall space for a dog door or do not want to cut a hole in your door or wall. In-glass pet doors are a nice option for home owners who do not want to alter the structure of their homes. This type of install is reversible by replacing the dog door with the original glass. And you can have us reuse your Hale Pet Door in another sliding glass door, in a solid door or in a wall, just by adding a tunnel.

Since all glass mounted pet doors are custom made, please click here to Contact Us or call us at 520-419-6405